Media Relations Agency

KomLeBaobab ist in Berlin für Ihre Kommunikationberatung nach Frankreich
KomLeBaobab hat ihren Hauptsitz in Lyon

Since 2011 KomLeBaobab is located in Lyon, South-East of France.
The city of Lyon is often the born place of new initiatives in France.
KomLeBaobab benefits from this pioneer atmosphere, which let us offer great and unusual media coverage to our clients.
We support companies to establish and enhance their brand awareness in the media landscape.
Since 2014 KomLeBaobab is growing in Berlin, a major scene for start-ups.
We are discovering everyday amazing projects and ideas, which enable us to improve and design new trends in the Media and Public Relations.

We are now leading Media and Public Relations activities in France and Germany and we are also focusing on the Intercultural Management of these topics.

The team sitting under the Baobab

KomLeBaobab is gathering an international team of communication and marketing specialists, journalists, community managers, SEO writers and so on.
We all have a multicultural background, that we put in our daily work. We are more than happy to welcome and collaborate with you in French, English and German.

The baobab tree also known as «tree of life» plays a symbolic key role in traditional
African societies.
It inspires us as well to brainstorm and express our creativity, our strategy and our
consulting activities.