Media and PR Expertise

At KomLeBaobab we’d rather speak about Media Relations.

Why is it so?

The media industry has been changing a lot since the emergence of social media platforms. Therefore journalists, media professionals and people with a communication influence « influencers » are no longer stick to the press, the radio or TV. Many of them are mainly or only active on social media.

And we are also collaborating with these people to relay the right and relevant information all over the media. We are a Media Relations Agency.


Our services are all working together. We believe and encourage cross-media actions in PR as in marketing.

Our expertise areas:
• Press and Media Relations
• Public Relations
• Digital PR & Social Marketing Management
• Influence Marketing


Press and Public Relations

We are here:
• to design a particular presence in the media landscape,
• to support and to enhance your relations with your partners and your customers.
Day after day, KomLeBaobab’s experts provide you with dedicated and innovative approaches for your Press and Public Relations, in French speaking areas.

Some of our actions:

  • PR strategy and planning
  • Writing/Editing Press release
  • Distribution the press information
  • Organising press events

Social Media Marketing

KomLeBaobab’s community managers team manage and leaven up your social media activities; throughout dedicated and targeted activities:

• Contacting Journalists
• Creating exclusive content for newswires
• Sharing specifi c content with Infl uencers
• Researching, Analysing and Monitoring your market trends
• Establishing you as a market Curator

Get a new voice on Social Media!

Influence Marketing

High-ranked social media actors are the best ambassadors for your brand/products on social media platforms.
Get an unusual review to reach new clients.

What we do for you?

Choosing the best Influencers and platforms to reach your targeted audience
Handling all the administrative tasks (contract, payments)
Defining and Setting the influence campaign
Daily monitoring and report

We regularly collaborate with some best ranking Influencers on Instagram and Twitter.